Here are seven steps to take after an auto accident

Unavoidable events are part of everyday life. We can’t avoid them no matter what we do or don’t want to. You can only try to minimize the damage that an accident could cause and then be ready to act when it happens. Here are seven things you can do immediately after an accident.

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1) Assess the extent of injuries and damages

It is important to assess injuries and determine if anyone requires immediate medical attention. Auto accidents can be dangerous. It is important to assess everyone involved in an accident immediately and then respond appropriately.

Throughout this entire process, try to remain calm. Panic can be infectious and detrimental to the process. Even if the damage is minor, it’s crucial to move all involved vehicles to the side of a road. Accidents and injuries can be worsened if cars are left parked in the middle or intersection of roads.

2) Notify the authorities

If the damage is too severe to allow one of the cars to be moved, ensure that the authorities are notified. A witness will usually call before one of the motorists has the chance. However, it is important to make sure that they have been alerted. Do not assume that someone else will be in charge.

3) Exchange information

You can exchange information if neither you nor your partner require immediate medical attention. You will need to exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, information about insurance providers, policies, driver license numbers, and plate numbers. You should also note the relationship between the driver and the car’s owner. Get the phone number and address of the car owner.

4) Document the events

Write down everything that happened as concisely and clearly as you can. Make sure you get the make, year, and model of each car. Also, include the location of the accident and your version. Next, obtain the contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident. You should also date the document and sign it, preferably in front a witness.

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5) Keep a record of the damage

You should document the damage as well as possible. You should have a camera, or a smartphone that can take photos. You should take as many photos as possible, from as many angles as possible. Record all damage extensively. Write down the damage report if you don’t have a camera. It is vital to have detailed proof of all damages. This should be done for both cars.

6) Make a Police Report

It doesn’t matter how minor an accident was, police must be notified. This is crucial. You can be held responsible for any damages if you do not file a proper police report after an accident occurs.

It doesn’t matter how trustworthy someone may seem, it is important to report the accident to the police for all involved. This will prevent any fraud or misunderstandings later.

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7) Call your insurance agent

Your insurance agent should be contacted as soon as possible. Do it as soon as possible while you are still on the scene and with the police. This will allow you to accurately inform your insurance agent about the accident and help strengthen your claim.

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