Automotive Industry Career Opportunities

Automotive Industry Career Opportunities

Automotive is an expansive industry that involves the creation, marketing, production and design of motor vehicles. It’s one of the biggest industries worldwide with some of the highest research and development investments per company. As a result, many are considering career options within this field. But what exactly is it exactly? And what jobs are available here? We’ll cover some of its most well-known aspects.

In 1885, the world’s first gasoline-engined automobile was created. Nowadays, there are over 1.4 billion cars around the world with 25% of these being in America alone. Estimates suggest that by the end of this Automotive Tips century there could be over 1,000 million cars worldwide – an industry expected to evolve as oil resources decline and environmental concerns arise. It has been divided into smaller segments with new models being released more frequently.

The automotive industry comprises companies that manufacture and market automobiles. However, it excludes tire production, fuel, or batteries; instead it focuses on passenger vehicles as well as light trucks. Commercial Cars Tips automobiles form another part of this sector. The automobile is an essential product within this sector, with engine designs discussed at length. Transportation history provides insight into its roots as well as explains the evolution of cars themselves.

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