Why do people drive without insurance?

Recent research has shown that only one in seven American drivers have insurance. These drivers are clearly irresponsible and can cause damage to their fellow Americans by spending up to $17million a year. These personal risks are enormous – not only can a car be permanently destroyed, but anyone who is injured or otherwise damaged by an uninsured driver can seek financial restitution through civil and criminal courts.

Driving without insurance can lead to legal penalties. It could cost someone their vehicle and any assets. It could also result in garnishment of future wages. However, uninsured motorists are quite common. What’s the deal?

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Who takes this risk?

Although numbers may fluctuate from year to year, it is believed that young drivers who are uninsured or underinsured are more prevalent than the general population. The combination of low penalties (most states only fine drivers for their first offense) as well as high insurance premiums leads younger drivers to believe they can take the risks.

Some younger drivers may think that they won’t be caught or that insurance is unnecessary since their car isn’t worth much. Others might think that they don’t need it because they are good drivers and won’t cause an accident.

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Police are serious about taking uninsured motorists seriously, regardless of age. They will eventually be caught and many states will impound cars after the first offense. Uninsured drivers are asking for trouble.

Car insurance, especially modified car insurance, can be quite daunting. If you are new to driving a car or don’t know much about your vehicle’s technicalities, it can be daunting. There are many ways to avoid insurance headaches. I recommend talking with a trusted mechanic, asking other drivers about their cars, or looking at insurance price comparison websites.

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It’s a Moral Problem

Young drivers need to know that purchasing insurance is not just a legal matter, but also a moral issue. Insurance not only protects the insured, but also protects those around them. It is selfish to drive without insurance. One of the first lessons that new drivers learn is that we are all human. Even the most cautious driver can get themselves into a difficult situation. In these cases, insurance ensures that other drivers aren’t left out of pocket because of one person’s error.

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Everybody makes mistakes while driving. It’s part of life. However, insurance will protect you from being held responsible for any injuries or damages caused by your accident. If you are driving without insurance, and have read this, then take responsibility. It’s good karma.

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