How to Become a Video Game Collector

Video games are expensive. In just the past two console generations, prices have skyrocketed. A copy of Super Mario Brothers, released in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s cost a few dollars at most. Today, that same game would be over $100. As gaming enthusiasts, we often take this expense for granted. If you’re like us, you may be wondering how to become a video game collector. As a first step toward becoming a video game collector, read through the following article and you’ll be well on your way!

What is a Video Game Collector?

Simply put, a video game collector is someone who owns a large number of video games. There are a few variations on this idea.

Many individuals who start collecting games are looking for a list of games they’re allowed to own. If a child or a friend is picking games for them, collectors are looking for the games that are off-limits. Whether it’s a video game collector looking for an “all-time favorite” list, or a collector looking for the games their friends can’t have, there’s a reason why you’d want to collect games.

Research the Market

If you’re interested in becoming a video game collector, you need to know what you want to collect. Before you shop for games, you need to know what you want. This means researching the market. There are a number of websites that let you search the market, such as eBay and Amazon. Just visit these sites and enter a few keywords related to the games you’re looking for. You may also want to peruse some message boards and forums to see what other gamers are looking for.

Seek Professional Advice

If you’re new to the video game collecting scene, you’re probably wondering if it’s even worth it. After all, video games cost a lot of money. If you buy $100 worth of games every month, that’s $2000 a year. That’s a lot of money! If you’re wondering if video game collecting is worth it, you should ask for professional advice. This doesn’t mean that you should ask your parents for advice, or a friend who knows nothing about video games. The best advice comes from experts in the industry. You can find these experts in a number of ways. You can search online forums and message boards to find people who collect games and may know something about the market. You can also contact companies that make games. Many of these companies maintain message boards and forums where you can ask questions and get answers.

Understand How to Track Your Games

When you become a video game collector, you’ll want to track your games. Many collectors simply buy games and store them away. While this is an option, it’s not a good one. If you buy games and don’t know what you own, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Knowing how to track your games will make you much more knowledgeable about your collection. 

Decide How to Organize Your Collection

Once you know what games you want to collect and how to track them, you’ll need to decide how to organize your collection.

  • By year: This is a very common way to organize a collection. While it doesn’t show the player what’s in the collection, it does give the collector a sense of completion. This type of organization is great for people who are looking to fill walls with posters.
  • By game: This is a great organization type for people who are often just looking for one or two specific games. This type of organization works well if you’re often looking for a certain game.

Final Words: Is It Worth the Effort?

We’re sure you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s worth repeating. If you’re interested in video game collecting, start with a few small purchases. Even if you only buy a few games a year, it’ll go a long way toward getting you started. Once you’ve collected a few games and know what you want, you can start looking for those games at auction sites or on eBay. There are many factors that go into becoming a video game collector. Research, organization, and market knowledge are just a few. Before you’re able to start building your collection, you need to know what you’re getting into.

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