Jerry Bickel Race Cars: Is now a sponsor

For the upcoming World Series of Pro Mod Jerry Bickel Race Cars has a long list of Pro Mod customers who have been successful. Now the chassis builder will sponsor the richest Pro Mod race in history.

Jerry Bickel Race Cars

Officials from Drag Illustrated announced today that Drag Illustrated has been named as an event sponsor of the upcoming DRAG ILLUSTRATED World Series of Pro Mod. The race will take place August 10-11 at Bandimere Speedway. The winner of this highly-anticipated race will receive $100,000.


Bickel stated that the event was a huge success and this year is sure to be even more successful. “Whenever there is an event like this that benefits my customers, I enjoy being able to help it along. Pro Mod is our primary customer right now. It’s an exciting class with a lot of interesting features. The $100,000 at stake in this race is a major deal.

Jerry Bickel Race Car’s Moscow Mills, Mo. facility has produced some of the most innovative and profitable cars in Pro Mod. It is also the preferred chassis builder for many of the top participants in the WSOPM such as Mike Bowman, Todd Tutterow and Jim Whiteley. Shane Molinari and Chad Green are just a few of the many others.

Bickel and his team have built top cars in Top Dragster and Pro Stock over the years. But the company’s “One Stop Chassis Shop”, which has been a pioneer in the Pro Mod world and developed standout cars for all three poweradders, has also made great progress in the Pro Mod world. This diversity has made Bickel stand out and has been an exciting experience for industry veterans.

Bickel stated that the cars are so unique and allow for so much more engineering, design and engineering. It makes it interesting and leaves the field open. I think that Denver will see the same thing. This allows you to experiment and the guys are open to trying new things. This is just awesome, and it’s this combination of us all that has made us successful.

This innovation and rapid growth in Pro Mod laid the foundation for events such as the WSOPM. The Pro Mod class will be the star at scenic Bandimere Speedway, with a six-figure payoff. According to Wes Buck, Drag Illustrated Editor and Founder, Jerry Bickel Race Cars is an event partner that adds to the event’s significance.

Buck stated that Jerry is a man whose name is synonymous with fast doorslammers since I can recall. He’s a legend in the industry and a trend setter, and Jerry Bickel Race Cars is proud to be involved with the World Series of Pro Mod. He is a top-notch fabricator, and many of the cars that will be competing on Thunder Mountain are his.

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