Key Covers: Diy personalized

Have some colorful paper? In just minutes, you can dress up your keys! I just color coded my keys, and I am happy to share the easy tutorial with all of you today. This DIY project is great because it allows you to identify your key covers and adds a handmade touch to your keychain. You can make a personal accessory by pairing any key with scrapbook paper. This technique could also be used to make vintage keys into a necklace by stringing them on a chain. This is something I may have to try.

Key Covers Materials

* Key Covers

* Pen or pencil

* Scissors

* Small X-acto knife

* A small piece of scrapbook papers

* Mod Podge, or any other decoupage medium

* Brush

These are the steps:

Place the top half the key covers on scrapbook paper.

* Draw around the key and inbetween any holes. To reach into the smaller holes, make sure you use a pencil or pen with a thin tip such as a lead pencil.

* Trim around the trace.

To make the tiny holes at the top, use Orileys an X-acto blade. This is best done on a flat, hard surface. However, be careful not to scratch your table.

* Place the paper over the key covers to ensure it fits properly. Trim any excess paper if necessary.

Apply Mod Podge to the top of the key covers. Then, place the paper over it.

* Hold the paper down for a few seconds to ensure there are no air bubbles. Then, brush another layer of paper on top to seal it. Once dry, the Mod Podge should be clear. Tip: To remove any Mod Podge left behind, you can use a toothpick.

* Allow to dry completely and then, if necessary, repeat the process on the opposite side.

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