Top Secret’s “Smokey Nagata” Nagata discusses

Rain was falling, the mercury just above freezing and the temperature dropping, so he pulled the clutch and did a massive smokey nagata burnout on the middle of the road. After ensuring that the Midlands were adequately sluiced with tire smoke, he fired up his modified Toyota Supra, 1,003hp and Japanese-registered, golden-painted Toyota Supra to hit 200mph (322kph).

There were some problems with the engine, which was running lean one time and the car wanting to lift its hood at 305kph the next. He tried several times but failed to reach the double ton. He eventually reached 194mph (312kph) due to complications. It was more than enough to claim the dangerous, dubious record for the fastest car ever driven on a UK highway. Soon, the winter darkness was filled Binghamton Craigslist Cars with blue lights. The police chased him and arrested him. After spending the night at Her Majesty’s pleasure, smokey Nagata fled to Japan. He was worried that his tuning company would go under. In fact, the exact opposite happened.

Smokey Nagata Inquires 

His adventures made headlines and the grainy footage of him illegally skulking down the highway, while the cameras were taped to the car became VHS viral. This instantly catapulted him to legend within the tuning community. This was Top Secret, the most outrageous PR tool for his company. It proved that his cars were real.

Crossing his legs, the smokey nagata inquires “What do YOU want to know?” He exhales a thick smoke cloud in front of his iconic car. He’s an old-fashioned habitual chuffer. It’s rare for the 56-yearold to not have a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips.

Smokey nagata is not a threat to society, despite his fame as a 320kph+ maniac. He is soft-spoken and nervously fidgets during conversation. His small frame and stunted appearance often make him hide behind a shell of introversion. It’s not wise to judge him by the mannerisms. There’s an extrovert within. One that does not stand for authority or social suppression, and isn’t limited to driving.

Ah! The smoky nagata spent his time outside of work thrashing his Celica through the mountains of Hokkaido. He decided to leave Hokkaido to pursue his dream of being a race driver, and he moved to Tokyo.

This was when the tuners became crackers, and they began to uncork them to see how fast it would go. This led to a near-pathological obsession for speed. The most valuable currency on the scene was the nil-to 300kph Yatabe’s oval testing ground. With the introduction of free-running highways, high-speed runs began to spill out onto the streets. This was especially true for the Aqua-Line tunnel, which is 9.6km below Tokyo Bay. It would later become a subterranean test track for smokey nagata.

In his quest to be the fastest, smokey Nagata is brand-agnostic. He often mixes components from different manufacturers to create Frankensteined bright-gold machines (winners get gold only, see Vmax machines). He’s seen every generation of GT-R over the years, with Top Secret’s R32 being his first. His R33 Skyline GT-R achieved 0-300kph at Yatabe in 17 seconds and 328kph through the tunnel. This was arguably the core of the idea for the A1(M).

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