Check out these tips for riders “watch for motorcycles”

Don’t tailgate unless you are in a stadium serving brats and beers. This is particularly important for biker drivers watch for motorcycles. Insurance companies can be frustrated by a car-on-car fenderbender. Someone can die from a car-on-bike fender bender.

Retire from reckless driving and riding watch for motorcycles

Go to the track if you are looking to feel the adrenaline and go fast! Safe alternatives exist to driving madly on the same roads your mom, sister, and other loved ones drive every day. Even if you are not there, your actions can have an indirect impact on others.


Let’s take for example, a left turn. You will likely look left and right before pulling out. You might be able to see the sun blocking your view by looking again before you pull out. Or, you may notice that a rider pulled out from just one block away and made a right. Depending on how fast watch for motorcycles accelerate (naturally), the rider may not be able to stop in case you pull out in front. These accidents can happen in many ways. Simply looking twice could have prevented them from happening. Be more State 8 Motorcycles aware and check your surroundings before changing lanes, pulling in or reversing in parking spaces.

Examine your blind spot

According to experts, motorcycle-car collisions are often caused by blind spots. Be aware that watch for motorcycles are smaller than other cars and can hide in your mirrors making it difficult to check the blind spots. You should be extra cautious and leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front. This will allow you to inspect your blind spots thoroughly before you change lanes.

Perception is everything

What is depth perception? Two eyes allow us to perceive depth. When we see a car with two headlights, it is possible to discern with reasonable accuracy how fast it is going. We cannot see how fast a motorcycle is going, so give extra time for them to pass you, or to judge their speed. They might speed, but it’s not their fault.

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