Elliott: Aviation Keeping pace with the aviation industry

Elliott Aviation, a family-owned business in its second generation, has been serving the Quad Cities and surrounding areas since 1936. The business was founded on a passion and has grown to be a multifaceted aviation company. It develops and delivers solutions that meet the changing needs of the market and keeps up with technology changes.

Elliott Aviation’s Director

Andrew Evans, Elliott Aviation’s Director Marketing, stated that Elliott Aviation was founded by Herb Elliott’s love for flying. “He started giving flying lessons to people in the Quad Cities, and it has grown from there.”

Today, there are many growing service offerings, including aircraft sales, avionics installation, maintenance, accessory repair, overhaul, paint, interior, charter, and aircraft management. Even with these new offerings, Elliott Aviation has remained true to its vision and values: to create lasting partnerships while providing unmatched quality, uncompromising integrity, and unbeatable service.

Modern to Modest

The company has grown from a small operation to employing 350 people at its Moline, Des Moines, and Minneapolis locations through strategic business Key Covers decisions and the ability of evolving its offerings over time. Since its humble beginnings in DeWitt (Iowa) with just one hangar and an old farm truck as a storage tank for avgas, the company has come a long ways.

Jeff Barton is Elliott Aviation’s FBO Service Manager. He stated that being a branded Phillips 66r Aviation dealer has helped increase our customer base, particularly due to the Partners-Into-Plane Program expansion. “We are now able to provide contract fuel to various avenues in the aviation industry. Phillips 66 also supports us by offering NATA Safety 1st online Training and co-op support on branded clothes and other items that we use in our facilities.

All locations offer world-class flight support services, including comfortable lounges and conference rooms, workstations, pilot sleeping areas, gourmet meals catering, secure parking, and on-call car concierge. The Des Moines location has a brand new tenant hangar.

Evans stated that the company is focused on programs that will help people in aviation. This speaks volumes about our evolution to meet the market’s needs.

Elliott Aviation is the industry’s most experienced Garmin G5000 retrofitter. They have installed more Garmin G5000s in their fleet than any other dealer in the world.

Change is the only constant in aviation. This includes changes in regulations, technology, supply and demand, and rules and regulations. Elliott Aviation will undoubtedly be agile in handling whatever comes next and continue to offer comprehensive, customer-focused solutions.

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