Our Best Selling “Pygmy Boats” Touring Kayak

The Murrelet, a 17-foot multi-chine hull designed for high-performance kayakers who are looking for a sleek and thin design. She is 22 inches in width and very stable, despite being thin and sleek. She has pygmy boats signature tracking and handling. She can execute leaned turns well and is very good in waves and wind. This kayak was designed to be used in Greenland rolls, but it is also a great touring kayak for novice kayakers and intermediate kayakers looking to improve their skills. This hull is great and you have the option of choosing from four decks.

First Kayak Pygmy Boats with 4 Decks

    1. All four models have a lower rear cockpit height to allow advanced paddlers to lay flat on the rear deck. Murrelet 4PD (four-panel deck) has a 10.1″ knee height, and 7.9 inches rear cockpit height. You will have more space for long-distance travel and touring with the four-panel rear deck. The Murrelet SDC and she will both be able to carry more gear thanks to a wider rear deck. The Murrelets all come with an adjustable tab with a wood backing plate to allow for the use of knee braces (foam sold separately).
    2. Warren Williamson, a well-known northwest paddler, visited Skookumchuck Rapids (a spectacular standing tidal rapid), with John Lockwood, the designer and owner at Pygmy Boats to test the Murrelet 4PD version 2, hull, and Pinguino 145 4PD at Skookumchuck’s narrows in BC. The Murrelet 4PD was his opinion. The Murrelet 4PD is a great kayak for when you are going to be thrown off the wave, and you want to keep powering on. It just launches like a rocket and captures the wave. It was amazing! It’s a great all-around kayak. You Sweet Aviation can race in it. It is an amazing kayak. You can see Warren surfing in the video.
    3. As a summer project, I built two Cohos with my 14-year-old son and his best friend 12 years ago. These boats are easy to build, provided one follows the instructions and does not forget how to do it. The comments below suggest that first boats are heavier than those who have worked with  fiberglass before. We found this to be true.
    4. Although I have never seen any rivals, I can say that the Pygmy boats are the easiest to build. They have lasted through all my years of paddling and have withstanded everything we could throw at them. It is a composite boat made of fiberglass and thin plywood, which paddles exceptionally well.

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