Boat insurance for “Duracraft Boats”

Duracrafts are well-designed and manufactured with the best quality materials. Duracraft owners are well aware of the brian harris used cars Duracraft differences in safety, innovation, and quality. Duracraft boats are unique and exciting.

Duracraft Boats Owners receive boat insurance coverage that is as high-quality and committed as the Duracraft boats. United Marine Underwriters offers boat insurance coverages that will benefit you and your Duracraft boats. United Marine Underwriters offers instant online boat insurance quotes. We are experts in protecting your Duracraft boats as well as your lifestyle.


Our Flotation Pods will not only improve the plane of your boat but can also provide up to 200 LBS. Flotation Pods offer additional flotation and many other benefits!

To see the images or click the Download Tab, you can determine the size pods we recommend to fit your boat.

Beavertails innovative Flotation Pod technology is changing the game. The longest possible plane is essential for maximum motor efficiency. Our Flotation Pods will increase your boat’s plane and can also provide up to 200 lbs. Extra flotation. This helps offset the poor performance that is often associated with 4-stroke air-cooled motors.

What does all this mean? Imagine being able to jump faster or run through shallow water faster than your competitors. Beavertail’s Flotation Pods will revolutionize the performance of duracraft boats and your motor.

  • Reduces Negative Performance of 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Motors
  • All the Latest Information on Aluminum
  • Anglers are often very specific about their boats. (January 2007).

Duracraft Boats Ron Brooks

Anglers are very picky about their boats. High-performance fiberglass bass boats are the most popular in the bass fishing industry, but there are still some fishermen who prefer aluminum boats. These anglers are loyal to metal, regardless of their fishing style or financial motivations.

Aluminum boats have advanced a lot over the years. Modern fishing equipment has evolved from the 12 foot V-bottom skiffs or jon boats of years ago to fit both anglers’ budgets and fishing styles. Jon Boats and small Skiffs are still readily available, and nearly every manufacturer sells them. However, today’s focus is on boats that help fishermen to be more successful on water.

Aluminum has some advantages over fiberglass, which is worth comparing. Aluminum boats that are double-riveted and welded are stronger than aluminum boats that have been single-riveted. Aluminum is very rigid, so it requires less support. This means aluminum is lighter and requires less horsepower.

The hull design has been a problem ted’s used cars for many anglers with aluminum in the past. Today’s aluminum duracraft boats are slim and attractive. Some models look so similar to fiberglass in their hull design, that it is difficult to tell the difference.

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