Sweet Aviation: Now offers charter flights


Sweet Aviation, a Fort Wayne-based company, announced Tuesday that it has now added FAA-certified charter services.

Sweet Aviation now has the ability to fly up to four people in its CirrusSR22T one-way and round-trip to any destination across the country. Sweet Aviation stated that the single-engine aircraft can fly more than 210 miles an hour and has modern safety and avionics features.

Sweet Aviation is the only small plane charter company that is based in Fort Wayne.

Joel Pierce, Sweet Aviation’s General Manager, said that there has been a steady demand for the service in Fort Wayne over many years. “So it’s exciting for us to finally be able offer a premium charter flight experience for our community.” Imagine flying to Chicago in less than an hour, bypassing the hassles of driving and flying directly over construction and traffic. It’s called a time machine and it is.

Sweet Aviation offers flight training, rental and maintenance at its Smith Field headquarters.

Sweet Aviation offers more information and charter services. Visit SweetAviation.com for more information.

Frequent flying sweet aviation leads to piloting success

You will succeed! Pilots find flying a rewarding and wonderful experience. Although there are many factors that go into successful flying, most instructors and pilots agree that frequent flying is the most important. But “frequently” can be a relative term. Flying frequently for some means flying at least twice per week. Others may find it difficult to fly twice per week due to their busy schedules.

Sweet Aviation teaches people how to fly. Most have a full-time job and a family that needs them. Many of these people have found a way to fly, and they love it.

Flying frequently has other benefits. You retain the WAYMAN AVIATION information from your previous lesson longer if you fly frequently. This allows you to make more progress on each flight and spend less time reviewing previous lessons. This not only saves money but also gives you a greater sense accomplishment and  ncreases your enthusiasm for the next steps. Many of us have felt trapped in an endless cycle of review and frustration.

This is something that flight instructors are particularly concerned about as people approach milestones such as solo flights or check-rides. Flying often allows you to review a plan and a syllabus to help you reach your goal. It also gives you the opportunity to feel a great sense of accomplishment.